Statistically Programming

At Sylphid, we take pride in being your comprehensive Statistical programming partner for clinical research.

Our seasoned team of Statistical programmers is dedicated to delivering top-tier services, covering a spectrum of needs, including CDISC standards implementation, legacy services, and expertise across various therapeutic areas. Our Statistical programmers possess a wealth of experience in clinical research, ensuring that our solutions meet the rigorous demands of the industry. We are committed to staying abreast of the latest developments and best practices to deliver cutting-edge programming services.

Comprehensive Services

CDISC Standards Implementation:

Implementing CDISC standards is crucial for data standardization and regulatory compliance. Our team is proficient in CDISC standards (SDTM, ADaM) implementation, ensuring that your data is structured consistently and follows industry guidelines.

Legacy Services

We understand the challenges associated with legacy data. Our legacy services encompass data migration, standardization, and integration to bring your historical data in line with current industry standards.

Therapeutic Area Expertise:



Infectious Diseases










Women's Health



Whatever your therapeutic focus, our team is equipped with the knowledge to provide tailored statistical programming solutions using industry-standard Statistical ® software.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is at the core of our services. We ensure that all our Statistical programming work aligns with global regulatory standards, including those set by the FDA, EMA, and other health authorities.

Data Quality and Integrity:

Maintaining the highest standards of data quality and integrity is non-negotiable. Our rigorous validation procedures guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your clinical trial data.

Our Statistical Programming Services Include

Data Cleaning and Validation

Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Submission Package Preparation

Legacy Data Services

Safety and Efficacy Analysis

Integrated Summaries (ISS/ISE)

Data Visualization and Dashboards

CDISC Standards Implementation (SDTM, ADaM), Define.xml, and reviewer's guide.

Whether you are initiating a new clinical trial or need support for an ongoing project, Sylphid is your trusted partner. Contact us to discuss your Statistical programming needs and let us help you achieve success in clinical research.

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